The Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO) was established to integrate research of three major processes governing the critical zone: the water cycle, the mineral cycle, and the carbon cycle. The goal was a holistic study of the entire Christina River Basin watershed, temporally integrating vertical and lateral carbon, mineral, and water fluxes over a range of modern and historical land uses.

Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory Data

For the most complete catalog of our research as well as data sharing and data use policies and information about our infrastructure, publications, and people, visit criticalzone.org/christina.


Critical Zone Research Experience For Undergraduates and Teachers

The CZO REU/RET summer program allows participants to pursue interdisciplinary research to better understand the interconnectedness of Critical Zone processes.

Near-Real-Time Data Collection Using Open Source Electronics

Researchers, students, and individuals can easily build and deploy inexpensive dataloggers without the need for electronics experience, complicated software, or specialized tools.