REUs and RETs Present Their Research at CUAHSI Biennial Conference

CZO REUs and RETs presented their research at the CUAHSI Biennial Colloquium, July 24-27, 2016, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The presentations marked the culmination of the 2016 CZO REU/RET program.

You can view their posters on the Completed Research page.

  • All of our summer research interns from the National Science Foundation’s CZO REU/RET program (Stroud Water Research Center, University of Delaware, and Penn State)
  • High school statistics/math teacher and RET, Dan Bondanza–he’s writing lesson plans to enable teachers to work with the EnviroDIY sensor networks.
  • Riley Brown, REU from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, assessed methods for studying submarine groundwater discharge
  • High school physics teacher and RET, Jill Dunscomb, studied streamside forests and the removal of invasive species.
  • REU Emma Gibson (Missouri State University) studied geomorphic and hydraulic controls on thermal regimes in stream pool habitats
  • REU Nate Watson (Cornell University) researched hydraulic, thermal, and geomorphic impacts on bacterial distribution in pool streambeds
  • REU Peter Wise (Goshen College) is developing the technology to add a low-cost turbidity sensor with the Stroud Center’s Mayfly Logger.